CIIA hosts RoadTrust accreditation meeting

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A recent meeting for the Roadtrust accreditation program foresees a future where customers are instantly connected to an accredited shop simply by pressing a button on their phone.

The Collision Industry Information Assistance (CIIA) industry trade association introduced the Roadtrust program to some 35 Toronto collision repair facility owners and operators at the recent dinner event.

In attendance were multiple shop owners and banner store staff, an enforcement officer from the College of Trades, and even out of town shop owners eager to learn about the Roadtrust collision repair shop accreditation program with the linked telephone app that retains existing customers and attracts new customers.

“Roadtrust is unique in that accreditation requires adherence to OEM standards and processes and using OEM repair information, and the new phone application connects those accredited shops with customer assistance within 30 seconds,” says John Norris of CIIA.

Some of the highlights of the Roadtrust program are:

– Post-repair scanning of vehicles using a Roadtrust authorized scanning system is mandatory and uses OEM scanners. Insurers, customers and OEMs can receive copies.

– All vehicles must be looked up for repair specifications and repair process data on a new national web site being introduced on January 16, 2017 in Canada.

– Any recall or campaign data is offered to the customer.

– An electronic phone application is included in the program that enables past three years of customers be able to automatically contact your shop immediately after a collision or any roadside incident if they choose to do so.

– Motorists will be able to just touch their phones to instantly be connected with the closest accredited shop.

– Motorists involved in an accident will get automatic phone notifications of what to do and an actual personal call from the accredited shop within 30 seconds.

– Shops will provide immediate response and tow services that will allow the motorist to be taken home and never needs to visit the shop unless they want to.

According to John Norris of CIIA, the actual collision repair shop standards have not changed and the standards used by Roadtrust are very similar to the programs offered by ARA of British Columbia and the CCIAP program offered by AIA Canada.